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The Arab Spring reaches Europe: let it reach the whole world!

Regarding democracy demonstrations in Spain (M-15) Date: 25th May 2011 World without Wars and Violence would like to express its warm support to the people of Spain who are mobilised and organising themselves in search of a better future. Read more »

Regarding the capture and death of Osama bin Laden

Following the sickening display of glorification of assassination shown by a US president who somehow managed get a Nobel Peace Prize, World without Wars declares: Read more »

Position regarding Nuclear Energy

"Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal." Albert Einstein The unfolding disaster in Fukushima, Japan and the 25th Anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster in the former Soviet Union lead World without Wars and Violence to declare its position regarding Nuclear Energy1. This position is based on the following points: Read more »

“Peace will not result from a violent approach to violence.”[1]

We in World without Wars and Violence are horrified to see the latest UN “preventative” war: an action which is as much hypocritical as it is doomed to failure and to produce the contrary. The situation is really complex, but we can outline some basic points. Read more »

Regarding the situation in Libya

World without Wars and Violence is following the dramatic events of recent days in Libya with deep concern. The victory of non-violent popular protest in Tunisia and Egypt clearly did not serve as a lesson for Gaddafi who responds to demonstrations by hiring mercenaries, firing rockets and shooting protesters from helicopters, ascribing the uprising to “thugs, inmates, foreigners and Islamists”! Read more »

Position statement regarding the situation in Egypt and the Middle East

Regarding the events in Egypt, World without Wars and Violence (WwWaV) states: We stand in full solidarity with the people of Egypt who are demonstrating for the legitimate and human right to change their government in hands of a dictator who has held power for 30 years and we point out that 66% of the Egyptian population where not even born when Mubarak took over the country. Read more »

Regarding the NATO summit

November’s Lisbon Summit of NATO leaders took place together with invited guests representing governments around the globe together with the UN Secretary General. Read more »

Condolences for the death of former President Nestor Kirchner of Argentina

With great sadness, World without Wars has learned of the death of the former President, Nestor Kirchner of Argentina. Read more »

Presentation of the Book of the World March – Toledo Library

Tomorrow is the 141st birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, the 4th time that the United Nations has observed an International Day of Nonviolence and one year since the start of the World March for Peace and Nonviolence in Wellington, New Zealand. Read more »

Regarding the NPT conference

May 2010 sees once again the 5-yearly review conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty taking place in New York. It is now 40 years ago since this treaty came into force and although currently there are 189 party states to the treaty, India, Pakistan and Israel are non-signatories and North Korea, first ratified, later violated and finally withdrew from the treaty in 2003. Read more »