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2012 membership campaign starts 1st May 2012

Census 2012 From the 1st to the 20th of May 2012 the world census of full and active members will take place. Read more »

Declaration by World without Wars and Violence, Mali

Bamako, 29th March of 2012 World without Wars and Violence, organism of the Humanist Movement, gives its position with respect to the events that took place on the night of the 22nd of March 2012. Reiterating dialogue and active nonviolence as the methodology for resolution of crises in order to converge towards peace, World without Wars condemns with all its energy the acts of pillage and violence perpetrated against the physical integrity of people and their property. World without Wars calls on all parties to cease all violations. Read more »

Position regarding the rising tensions caused by the Iranian nuclear programme

Since the International Atomic Energy Agency report into the current status of the Iranian nuclear programme was issued in November 2011, Israel, the USA and her allies have been quick to step up their criticism of the Iranian government and their real intentions in the face of Tehran’s repeated denial of any attempt to develop nuclear weapons(1). According to the IAEA report Iran’s nuclear programme could have a military purpose. Read more »

Declaration regarding the situation in Syria

World without Wars and Violence has been observing the dramatic events taking place in Syria in recent months with profound concern.  It is clear that the non-violent popular protests in Tunisia and Egypt were not taken as models in the case of Libya.  There, European governments and the USA, instead of reinforcing peaceful and nonviolent initiatives, backed the path of war and armed confrontation.  Today Gaddafi has been brought down but, as in the case of Iraq and others, Libya has been totally devastated and is now in a situation of social disaster with countless number Read more »

11th November 2011

In 2011 we have taken great steps towards a better world. Millions of people, in hundreds of cities around the world are coming together to say no to this violent and brutal system that exploits human dignity and creates a world full of wars, hunger and generalised poverty and violence. On the 15th of October, people in 951 cities came simultaneously together under the umbrella of nonviolence and this was the first step towards the creation of a new world. Read more »

WWW is supporting and promoting the 15th of October (15-O) Global rEvolution

The Market has declared war on the people, subjugating governments and forcing them to break their agreements, to roll back social progress, advances in education and healthcare, to reduce access to pensions and stability in employment, etc., etc.  There is no limit to their greed which is leading us down a blind alley, towards an abyss in a crisis that they themselves have produced. Read more »

The new moment and the War of the Markets

There are sufficient indicators to interpret that we have entered a new moment in international matters.  What started in Tunisia and Egypt with the “Arab Spring” has extended to numerous countries on different continents: from the Outraged of Spain and Greece, to Chile where students are demanding free and good quality education through massive, non-violent demonstrations.  The wave is not stopping; on the contrary, it’s growing day by day.  People are waking up and channelling their protests through novel movements and new forms of struggle that are gai Read more »

Regarding the situation in Libya

The Arab Spring continues to spread throughout the Arab world.  Another dictator has gone and Libya, which has been ruled by one of the longest-lasting and most bloodthirsty dictators, is turning the page on an era characterised by the reign of one individual and one family without any respect for democracy and even basic standards of human rights. Read more »

Support for the Campaign Against Corruption in India

Date: 21st August 2011 World without Wars and Violence (WwW) expresses its solidarity with Anna Hazare and the people of India who are mobilising in huge numbers against the political and institutional corruption endemic in Indian society. Read more »

Regarding the attacks in Norway

22nd of July 2011 World without Wars and Violence is obviously extremely distressed to hear about the bomb attack and shootings in Norway. We will not jump to premature conclusions that could rise from speculation about Islamic terrorism that various media organisations are propagating.  We will wait for the situation to be clarified before condemning individuals, groups or entire religions. Read more »