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Teaching for no-violence

The Humanist and scientist, Salvatore Puledda, on the 7th of January 1989 in Florence, the capital of historical humanism, paid homage to Galileo Galilei, Giordano Bruno and other precursors of today’s science. On that occasion a clear oath was undertaken by those present, an oath to resolutely fight so that the advance of science is placed at the service of human beings. Read more »

Global Day of Action on Military Spending

Today the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute announced that the year 2012 saw an estimated US$ 1 750 000 000 000 spent on weapons and the military machine. This is in a moment of global financial crisis, billions of human beings living below the poverty line, thousands dying needlessly from war, malnutrition or easily curable diseases and thousands more dying of AIDS unable to access medication. Read more »

Regarding the situation in the Korean Peninsula and the policy of nuclear deterrence

Members of World without Wars and Violence are extremely concerned about the escalating tension in the Korean Peninsula. US provocation The “state of war” declared by North Korea may be nothing more than rhetoric for domestic purposes to show how strong the young President is, as hoped for by South Korea. Or this might be the final madness of a North Korean regime which has kept its population impoverished and cut off from the outside world ever since the last shots of the Korean War were fired in 1953. Read more »

The position of World without Wars in front of any armed conflict.

The last two years of armed conflict in Northern Africa and the Middle East that has filled the world’s news channels have caused World without Wars and Violence to elaborate several statements which we have published through our website and disseminated through our base teams. We have a growing sensation that we are constantly repeating the same message, with the same elements and the same ideological basis.  In this context we think it is useful to write a position which is valid for all conflicts in the world. Read more »

Regarding the situation in Israel and Palestine

Date: 21st November 2012 Once more the Middle East, centred on modern day Israel and Palestine, is in a situation of war and we find it again necessary to take a position. We base our position on the following points that seem relevant to us: Read more »

Consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council opens new possibilities for WWW

In the UN Charter, signed on the 26th of June 1945, six main organs within the institution were established: the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), the General Assembly, The Security Council, the Trusteeship Council, The International Court of Justice and the Secretariat.  Currently the UN is working to strengthen cooperation with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) throughout the system and in all areas of its activity.  Many UN agencies and their organisms carry out periodic consultations with NGOs and new forms of management and government of UN entities are emerging that Read more »

2nd October 2012 - International Day of Nonviolence

Today is a special day for us in World without Wars. It is an anniversary that we have been celebrating for many years now and charging with a special energy. Read more »

On the outbreaks of violence at the Kenya coast

World without Wars is greatly concerned by the rise in violent activities taking place in the coastal region of Kenya. Read more »

5 Africans, 4 Europeans and 3 South Americans to coordinate international matters of World without Wars

Following an election of full members of the international organisation a new coordination team has taken over from the previous team; the first one directly elected by its members.  The new team consists of 5 Africans, 4 Europeans and 3 South Americans from 9 different countries and features 5 women and 7 men. Read more »

Regarding the criminalisation of nonviolent protest in Quebec

World without Wars and Violence denounces moves taken by the Quebec Government to make nonviolent protest illegal.  Quebec Government Act 78 violates the fundamental rights of citizens to non-violent dissent and we are extremely concerned by the restrictions placed on the right of association and the right to demonstrate. As ordinary citizens we demand the right to live in peace and freedom, the right to assert that human consciousness is free. We do not live free lives when we are being threatened. Read more »