World without Wars and Violence

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WWW is supporting and promoting the 15th of October (15-O) Global rEvolution

The Market has declared war on the people, subjugating governments and forcing them to break their agreements, to roll back social progress, advances in education and healthcare, to reduce access to pensions and stability in employment, etc., etc.  There is no limit to their greed which is leading us down a blind alley, towards an abyss in a crisis that they themselves have produced.

Citizens are starting to wake up.  Recent transformations produced in countries over a very short space of time have shown one again that the real strength is in ordinary people who have a great transformational capacity when they are driven by nonviolence and the path of peace as rEvolutionary tools.  The future will open, when people direct themselves to create truly democratic societies, to improve living conditions and to achieve social progress so that every human being may have a dignified life.

In this context the World Coordination Team of “World without Wars and Violence” is making a call to participate, push for and if possible dynamise mobilisations called for the 15th of October in all countries they can and if agreed by the members.

A global mobilisation is being prepared for the 15th of October in which a huge number of people and organisations from around the world will go into the streets in a joint protest against the powers that be who are selling us a world and a way of life that is unsustainable and unjust.  On this day we will be united by the desire for change, of coming together and deciding among ourselves how we want the world to be.

More than 400 cities in 50 countries have already signed up http://map.15october.net, but there are still more to join in!  Endorsements continue to grow at the rate of almost 50 new places a day.  In this great mobilisation there will be debates, protests, actions, performances and shows covering the whole planet.  Organised by thousands of people, the holding of assemblies in the streets and communication through the Internet will not be just a joint protest; the people will meet in the streets to get to know each other and organise a network around the world to start the change.  It’s time to come together and work from now on for a better future!

In order to promote and discuss these activities due on the 15th of October, there will be local meetings everywhere prior to this on the 8th and 9th to fix the details and discuss preparations.

We are asking all members, friends, collaborators and citizens to let this proposal be known so that the call becomes “viral” across all forms of media including personal contact, the Internet and social networks so that it reaches the whole world.

World Coordination Team