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Support for the Campaign Against Corruption in India

Date: 21st August 2011

World without Wars and Violence (WwW) expresses its solidarity with Anna Hazare and the people of India who are mobilising in huge numbers against the political and institutional corruption endemic in Indian society.

Following a wave of social change from Bolivia, Iceland, Tunisia, Egypt and Spain, India is the latest country to put its faith in nonviolence and force the violent system to show its true nature.  Copying the same mistakes made by the British Government against Mahatma Gandhi, the Indian authorities believe that by putting in place restrictions on non-violent protests and by arresting those that disagree then somehow they will go away.

Based on the noblest principles of Gandhian Nonviolence, Anna Hazare is on the 4th day of a 15 day hunger strike which is designed to draw attention to the Indian government’s attempts to introduce an anti-corruption law which would leave the Prime Minister and high level judges exempt.  It is clear that no one in society should be free to embezzle and steal public money and there can be no exceptions in law in a truly democratic society.

Despite the Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, calling the attempts by Anna Hazare to change government proposals “anti-democratic” the people are starting to recognise when they are being deceived and manipulated and they have had enough.

A country which counts on inspirational figures such as Gandhi and a history of nonviolence that goes back for thousands of years should be at the forefront of nonviolence, economic development, social justice and peace and not the nuclear-armed, corrupt and poverty stricken country that is India today. 

World without Wars fully supports the efforts of Anna Hazare, his team and the millions of people in India demanding social justice.

Let India once more become a beacon of nonviolence in Asia and the whole world!