World without Wars and Violence

International Humanist Organisation - Official Website

Regarding the situation in Libya

World without Wars and Violence is following the dramatic events of recent days in Libya with deep concern. The victory of non-violent popular protest in Tunisia and Egypt clearly did not serve as a lesson for Gaddafi who responds to demonstrations by hiring mercenaries, firing rockets and shooting protesters from helicopters, ascribing the uprising to “thugs, inmates, foreigners and Islamists”!


In front of this tragic situation we strongly condemn:

  • the violent repression unleashed by Gaddafi against the legitimate demands of Libyans.

  • the hypocrisy of Western governments that, after supporting Gaddafi in recent years—rushing to sell him weapons and nuclear technology—now once again view him as a vicious dictator.


We reiterate:

  • Support for non-violent popular protests in Libya.

  • The certainty that the winds of change that started blowing in Tunisia will not stop, leading to the overthrowing in Libya of a regime in power for decades and the longest serving non-royal Head of State in the world.


We pray that the terrible price paid in blood so far will not grow and that Libya may begin a new era in accordance with the deepest needs of the people.