World without Wars and Violence

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5 Africans, 4 Europeans and 3 South Americans to coordinate international matters of World without Wars

Following an election of full members of the international organisation a new coordination team has taken over from the previous team; the first one directly elected by its members.  The new team consists of 5 Africans, 4 Europeans and 3 South Americans from 9 different countries and features 5 women and 7 men.

The election which took place in July was held under new conditions ratified in a prior referendum of members and allowed the re-election of up to 6 members of the previous team.  In the circumstances only one of the previous team, Tony Robinson, took the opportunity to stand for re-election.

In the first meeting of the new team Tony’s position as Spokesperson was reconfirmed and a new team will be formed to assist in the production of position statements and press releases.

For the first time a woman will coordinate the team with Marilena Livanou from Greece being confirmed in this role.

Tony Robinson, speaking on behalf of the new team, said, “The first thing to do is to thank the members of the outgoing team for all the dedication and hard work they have shown over the course of the last 2 years.  It has been a period marked by a change to a new style of coordination and decision making within the organisation and a lot of things have had to be learned.  We know that we can build on the work done by the previous team and we can count on their support and experience.”

Referring to the priorities for the next 2 years, he added, “Whereas the last 2 years were about learning new ways of working internationally, in the next 2 years we hope to advance in the direction of growing our organisation: growth in terms of members, activities, forums, cooperation with other organisations and the personal training and development of ourselves as the carriers of this message of nonviolence.  Two years ago we stated that we would like to be recognised as the organisation to which the world turns for a response in the face of violence and conflict.  This is still our goal and this team can support the organisation at the grassroots to become this reference.”

The final composition of the World Team is:
Africa: Khalil Elouali (Morocco), Charles Omullo (Kenya), Gaoussou Bathily (Mali), Mamadou Konipo (Mali) and Housseine Guissé (Mali)
South America: Sonia Venegas Paz (Ecuador), Jacqueline Melo (Brazil) and Micky Hirsch (Chile)
Europe: Montserrat Prieto (Spain), Marianella Kloka (Greece), Marilena Livanou (Greece) and Tony Robinson (Hungary).