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2012 membership campaign starts 1st May 2012

Census 2012

From the 1st to the 20th of May 2012 the world census of full and active members will take place.

Full members: participate in meetings and take responsibility for their own growth, building their own capacities through the personal work that WwW promotes.  Full members have the right to vote in the various levels, they are invited to do so and may present themselves in elections of different levels.
They also initiate the development and formation of new Base Teams without geographical limitations.  Full members are those who economically sustain WwW.

Active members: participate in meetings, they drive growth through training on the basis of the personal works promoted by WwW.  Active members have the right to vote in consultations but not in organisational matters.

Note: Although full members have the right to participate in decision making processes (elections and referendums, etc) each member must have an individual e-mail address in order to do so. Also the active members must have an e-mail address to vote in consultations.

Each country will define a function to handle the collection of all the information about the full and active members using the census form provided.  Once completed by the 20th of May the information will be sent to the World Coordination Team (WCT) through the following e-mail address: [email protected]

In case of any doubts or questions about the collection of information then all enquiries may be sent through the same e-mail address in English, French or Spanish.

World financial campaign 2012

From the 1st to the 20th of May 2012 the financial campaign will take place.  All full members of WwW around the world will take part.  It’s important that there’s transparency and clarity in our information circuits for internal purposes as well as external purposes where necessary.  All the full members of WwW will give the full membership fee (100%) and the team in charge of receiving them will make the following distribution: 25% for the World Coordination Team, 25% for the National Coordination Team and 50% for the Base Team or BT in formation (promotion group) from which the fees came.  In the case where a National Coordination Team does not exist, 75% of the money stays with the base group.

The money in each country will be collected by a “Finance campaign committee” created by the National Coordination Team.  In those countries that don’t have a National Coordination Team, the contact person with the WCT will create a committee of full members to fulfil this function.  Special cases are dealt with in direct consultation with the World Coordination Team.  Every country will send information regarding who is coordinating this function by the 22nd of April to the WCT through the e-mail address [email protected].

Amount of the membership fee per country

The amount of the membership is calculated on 10% of a minimum or average monthly salary in each country.  Whether the minimum, average, or amount in between is used for the membership fees in 2012 will be an issue for each country to define.  We take as a basis the amount in 2010.  Any variation can be reported to the WCT.  If this value needs to be updated or if the reference values have changes (minimum salary or average salary), information should be received by the 20th of April.

On the 25th of April the definitive values will be published.

Where to send the contribution to the WCT

To be confirmed

Calendar for the Census and Financial Campaign 2012

20th of April – Information to the WCT regarding any variations of fees.
22nd of April – Creation of “Financial Campaign Committees”.  Information to the WCT.
25th of April – WCT publishes the definitive values of the fees for 2012
1st – 20th of May – Collection of financial campaign funds and census
Sending of 25% of the collection to the WCT and distribution of the percentages to the National Coordination Teams and the Base Teams.
21st of May – Report of the results of the Financial Campaign and census 2012
31st of May – E-mail list of full members to be updated, new e-mail list of full and active members to be created.