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World without Wars and Violence meets in Madrid in a moment of great hope and optimism

World without Wars and Violence meets in Madrid in a moment of great hope and optimism

The International Coordination team of World without Wars started its meeting today in Madrid, Spain, bringing together all 12 members of the team coming from 11 countries who speak 8 different mother tongues. Until now all meetings have been held through the internet.

The world has changed in recent months and a renaissance of nonviolence is emerging in North Africa and other parts of the world with non-violent revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia. Although not yet guaranteed to lead to civilian democratically elected governments, these revolutions are giving inspiration to all those who believe that nonviolence is a much more efficient methodology for revolution than the taking-up of weapons.

The focus of the meeting has been on future images that build on the World March of 2009 and can inspire the growth of the organisation throughout the world.

International spokesperson for the organisation, Tony Robinson, commenting about the meeting said, “Today has been the first time we’ve all been in the same place at the same time. We are from different cultures and religions. This is a great opportunity to build relationships to improve in team work and to demonstrate to the world that people from different cultures can work for the common goal of a world without violence.”

“The world is changing and we take strength from this and we hope that what we achieve in these days can also give inspiration and support to all our activists, some of whom we will meet personally on Saturday in the Toledo Park of Study and Reflection.”