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The Outraged People’s March

The Outraged People’s March

15-M takes to the streets after taking the squares and the neighbourhoods.

A great march composed of 7 columns will reach Madrid on the 23rd of July. The Marches have left from each one of the cardinal points of the state and will take 30 days. Another March is taking place around the Canary Islands.

We are facing a new challenge from 15-M which never ceases to surprise with its creativity. It started with taking the squares, then extended to the neighbourhoods and the towns and now is going to March by foot on the “streets” of the state. Around 200 activists from 15-M have started the Outraged People’s March (MPI with its Spanish initials) with the aim of creating awareness directly of its proposals, its assemblies and its experiences. They are going to travel through hundreds of towns in marathon marches for a month. Some days they will have to cover more than 30km, with an average of 22km per day.

7 routes will cover the entire geography

The MPI started in the Eastern route which left from Valencia on the 19th of June, on subsequent days other routes set out: the North-East coming from Barcelona, the North from Navarra in the Basque region, the South from Cádiz, the North-West from Santiago de Compostela and different cities of Galicia and Asturias, the South-East from Murcia and the West route from Extremadura. The distance to travel on the different routes ranges from 450 to 700km. Between all the routes and sub-routes, more than 5 thousand kilometres will be travelled on the state’s highways.

Assemblies in the towns

On arrival in the different towns, assemblies are being held with the residents of the place to exchange experiences, gather whatever is needed and forge links to continue broadening this great movement that is awakening. A model “Travelling Assembly” has been prepared to facilitate learning of this characteristic form of organising and communicating in a large group of people. On the journey, pictures, ideas, texts, songs, experiences and friends, many friends, will be gathered.

How to be in contact with the routes

Each route will have a twitter account, e.g. @rutanoroeste

All the general information and information about each one of the routes is on the MPI blog http://marchapopularindignada.wordpress.com/

How to participate

Those interested can join in as marchers in any route for a few days or for a whole journey. Everyone can choose according to their interest. To register and receive information you can visit the blog http://marchapopularindignada.wordpress.com/formulario/

The organisers ask for support from citizens with vehicles or bicycles in order to collaborate in tasks of infrastructure and logistics for those who are marching.

A growing influx of participants is expected, especially on the last week as the columns approach the capital. In the suburbs of Madrid large rallies are planned to receive the marchers on Friday the 22nd and above all on the 23rd when all the Marches converge on the capital.

MPI demands

Among other demands, the MPI condemns the “Pact for the Euro” that will shortly be signed in Europe because it represents the consolidation of the model where citizens pay for the abuses of speculators…

What is the meaning of the MPI and what consequences could it have?

The MPI can serve to consolidate the relationship between the different assemblies created as a result of the 15-M activities in neighbourhoods and cities, in addition to exercising necessary coordination in a joint action at a national level.

The Outraged People’s March should not be interpreted as a simplification of the protest, but rather as an extension of it: to disseminate the action of 15-M creating new assemblies, to know and learn from other collective experiences of resistance and to struggle, connect and build the network.

The MPI could represent a new step in the development of 15-M as a movement of action and demonstration. In its vertiginous process which is barely a month and a half old, there have been some demonstrations that will go down in history. It must be recorded that these mobilisations were done without the support of the media.

Opinion polls published in different media show that 15-M maintains a high degree of popular support. If this is maintained it may be that on the 23rd of June there will be a similar or demonstration even bigger than the one on the 19th of June. In this case the process of 15-M could erupt and even infect and inspire groups in other countries, especially in the Mediterranean, or where ever similar situations are being experienced.

The particular form of @spanishrevolution with a style where an assembly is combined with a method, with permanent action, peaceful and non-violent, without leaders, with rotational functions, etc, this combination, together with a lot of work applied with touches of inspiration, ends up giving an inimitable efficiency and simplicity which is exportable and reproducible by those in the same frequency in this “new sensitivity”.

On the other hand, the 15-M phenomenon is incomprehensible, ungraspable and incalculable by those who look with an old mentality, with outdated values. These are the ones asking “where is the money”, or the party, or the leader in the shadows who is moving the young people. This is happening because those who think this way have never had a similar experience and are incapable of understanding that a generation is awakening; a generation of people who are becoming aware of their own existence, their capacity, their possibilities and who have lost their fear of power because they have discovered that their future is in their own hands, that they can and must build it. The veil that stopped them from seeing this possibility has been removed, a veil behind which are hidden the ones who accuse them of being lazy, violent, uninterested, excessively protected, etc. They have been revealed.

If 15-M passes the test of the Marches on Madrid in July, it will be in conditions to take on other, bigger challenges, looking towards the general elections and (why not?), to inspire other demonstrations and joint actions on a European scale…

From the website http://marchapopularindignada.wordpress.com/

Several weeks ago a peaceful fire of outrage was lit in many cities, towns and neighbourhoods of our territory: a transforming fire that feeds our hopes for a better and fairer future. The purpose of this action is not exclusively to unite all these forces in a single point of the territory, the will of this purpose is to share, build and propagate our commitment to transformation and the tools necessary to carry it out with the support of all the people in all the towns and cities of the territory.

As people who March, as outraged Marchers, we want to gather what has been learnt in other people’s marches who journeyed before us, other paths to meet other people and to learn, to share and remember that in reality we have never been asleep and that many other people also marched, resisted, invented, changed their lives before us and that we can learn from them.

So, let’s march!

Rafael de la Rubia