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How is World without Wars financed?

How is World without Wars financed?

WWW has a very definite and clear position regarding its economic functioning that also differentiates us from other organisations, especially from traditional NGOs.

On one hand all the activities that our members carry out are done completely voluntarily, in other words, no one receives any kind of remuneration however small. Consequently there are no members in any role who earn any amount for the function they do.

Nevertheless WwW needs some financial resources to carry out the activities that have to do with meetings, campaigns, dissemination, materials, interconnection, events, website, etc. WwW covers these costs through the contribution of its members in an annual campaign that is done in all countries. In this campaign the contribution is proportional to the economic situation of the country, meaning that in Switzerland it is 300 Swiss Francs (240 euros) and in Mauritania 1,200 Ouguiya (3 euros).

Occasionally, in specific campaigns, we may receive disinterested donations and contributions as long as they do not compromise the organisation's objectives.

We have already started the World Financial Campaign for 2011. This is carried out from the 1st to the 15th of May 2011. All the full members of WwW around the world participate in this campaign.

In all countries a “Financial Campaign Committee” is created which takes care of coordinating all the issues related to the 2011 Financial Campaign.

For any questions or information about the annual membership campaign for 2011, please contact [email protected].

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