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Fukushima Day – March 11, 2013

Fukushima Day – March 11, 2013

Two years ago we were witness to the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe. Since then some countries are starting to think about how to get themselves off nuclear energy, e.g. Germany and Switzerland. Hungary’s Prime Minister, Mr Viktor Orbán, has stated his commitment to nuclear energy and said that the Hungarian nuclear plant in Paks will be extended with another block called Paks II.

Although our primary focus is the end of wars and violence, events in Japan have once again shown that we live in an interconnected world and something happening on one side of the planet can have dire consequences for people on the other side of it. When one nation is capable of poisoning the entire planet, the consequences are a form of violence that we cannot remain silent about.

Therefore, World without Wars and Violence strongly opposes the use of nuclear energy by fission as a means to meet the energy needs of the planet and we call for an end to fission-driven nuclear power as soon as it is technically feasible.

World without Wars and Violence in Hungary will make a Facebook campaign and set up an information table in the centre of Budapest to raise awareness.