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A caravan of awareness for peace and nonviolence in Mauritania

A caravan of awareness for peace and nonviolence in Mauritania

On the 25th of September a caravan of awareness on peace and nonviolence is being launched, towards Nouakchott, capital of Mauritania, by the Mauritanian Association, World without Wars and Violence (WwW), in collaboration with the Organisation for African Integration (OAI). This action will last a week culminating with a march for nonviolence on the 2nd of October this year, the International Day of Nonviolence, with the participation of the authorities, civil society and citizens.

Events will take place in the neighbourhoods of El Mina, Sebkha, Dar-Naim, Arafat and Riyadh. "This awareness week aims to combat violence in these suburbs of Nouakchott and promote the values of a society in peace and without violence," said Moustapha Bocoum, President of the WwW during the press conference to introduce the event. "African Integration is preached incessantly in the speeches of African Presidents. But, in real terms it is a different matter," added William Idioma, the President of the OAI, a member of this caravan of awareness.

Popular revolutions (the Arab Spring) and what is at stake in a forthcoming election in the country that could lead to violence, prompted the WwW and OAI to reflect on this social phenomenon and its various ramifications including at university level.

As the promoter of these events, these two associations decided to create a focus group composed of teachers, administrators, journalists, artists and experts on the topic of "Nonviolence" in order to fight violence of all kinds (physical, economic, socio-religious) which are reaching alarming proportions in the capital Nouakchott. The approach consists of being in touch with young people and citizens to explain the disasters of this scourge and the need to promote a peaceful society.

What defines this project ultimately is not a specific political, social or even a plain cultural action but a simple set of ideas and a style of behaviour that World without Wars and Violence wants to convey and instil in both the population of Nouakchott and within the country at large. These awareness days will be also characterised by cleaning measures and incentives to use local products.