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In the nuclear lottery, there are 6 billion people playing and thousands will lose

With one week to go before the 25th anniversary of Chernobyl, World without Wars has published it’s official position for the first time in this field. They are calling for an end to nuclear energy and for criminal charges against TEPCO executives and members of the Japanese Government responsible for the criminal negligence.

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WWW remembers the anniversary of the last military coup in Argentina

On the 24th of March, from 1984 until today, all kinds of events are organised in Argentina for a rememberance day to mark the anniversary of the last military coup that brought down the democratically elected government in 1976.  This dictatorship was the bloodiest ever experienced by the Argentinean people with more than 30,000 people disappeared and thousands more imprisioned and exiled.

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WwW launches a new global forum for Peace and Nonviolence

Over a year has passed since the end of the World March for Peace and Nonviolence and the Humanist Organisation, World without Wars and Violence (WwW), is preparing itself to launch a new global campaign to build on the success of the March as another element in a string of increasingly large actions to take place since its foundation in 1995.

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World without Wars calls for a rapid end to the use of nuclear energy in the light of Japanese earthquake

The earthquake in Japan and the subsequent meltdown of nuclear reactors in Japan has caused fears of a nuclear catastrophe of unprecedented scale. With the approach of the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, which non-industry supported investigations report the deaths of up to 950,000 people, World without Wars spokesperson speaks out about the use of nuclear energy.

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World without Wars and Violence meets in Madrid in a moment of great hope and optimism

The International Coordination team of World without Wars started its meeting today in Madrid, Spain, bringing together all 12 members of the team coming from 11 countries who speak 8 different mother tongues. Until now all meetings have been held through the internet.

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World without Wars to meet as the Arab world deals with the reality of a new Egypt

In a moment of global optimism following the non-violent revolution that swept through Tunisia and then Egypt, World without Wars and Violence meets to consider the current global situation and plan its strategy for the coming year. “We have not been this inspired at global events since the fall of the Iron Curtain.

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In Egypt and Tunisia nonviolence has been the motor of transformation

Rafael de la Rubia, spokesperson for last year’s World March for Peace and Nonviolence talks about Egypt, Tunisia and the implications for the Arab world. Highlighting the essential role of nonviolence de la Rubia pays tribute to the young people who drove the process to its conclusion. “They have given the rest of the world a Master Class in non-violent revolution.”

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Martin Luther King Day

 Around the world on Monday the 17th of January people celebrated and remembered Martin Luther King Jr. as a heroic figure in the African American civil rights movement. To mark this date, students, groups, associations and institutions in the United States and Canada remembered Martin Luther King’s nonviolent and truth-seekers movement. King inspired generations of people with his message.

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Nonviolence as Spirituality

Many consider nonviolence simply as a form of struggle for social and political change. In this sense, the figures of Mohandas Gandhi (popularly known as Mahatma) and Martin Luther King appear as champions of nonviolence.

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Spanish campaign to reduce military spending

In October last year, the International Association "World without Wars" started a signature collection campaign through the internet advocating for a drastic reduction of military spending to reduce the national deficit as an alternative to the cuts in social spending implemented

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