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Ecuador- Resolution to prohibit nuclear weapons: In Ecuador, World without Wars, together with the news agency Pressenza, established contacts with the National Assembly in order to pass a resolution supporting efforts by the Community of Latin American and Caribbean states (CELAC) to prohibit nuclear weapons.

We worked with the National Assembly to draft a resolution that was presented and approved by a majority of 83 in favour to 1 against.
We have also presented the campaign to prohibit nuclear weapons in a civil-society forum which also took place in the National Assembly

No to war, No to NATO

World without Wars participated in the international conference in Helsinki on September 2015 on the theme of NATO and Russia in the Baltic Sea.

World without Wars is studying the idea of becoming an official member of this network. The ending of the NATO military alliances is a priority for World without Wars and we are keen to collaborate with other organisations with the same aims.